Celebrating 10 years of NalandaWay

Dear Friend,

NalandaWay Foundation is ten years old. Yes, you heard it right, 10 years…10 very eventful and fruitful years.

This journey has led us to children from the most exploitative situations in India, to help them using the creative power of arts, to create a life that they truly aspire. The combined efforts of Nalandaway, its mentors, trainers, volunteers and each and every one of you have helped these children become creative, learn life-skills, build self-confidence and succeed in their schools. And, we truly believe it has helped the children be happier!

To celebrate our 10th year anniversary we aspired to do something less self-involved. We recognised the need to thank someone who has been long discriminated for centuries, but continue to provide their services day-in and day-out...the human scavenger.

It took us nearly two months to identify Selvi. She, along with her son, two daughters and a granddaughter lives in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu. Her husband had passed away many years back and she has single-handedly raised her family facing innumerable hurdles that life hurled her way. To make a living, she cleans open sewage drains, sweeps the roads and washes utensils at homes.

Nalandaway’s children, who have been trained in fine arts, after looking at Selvi’s house decided to paint the walls of her house with beautiful murals. NalandaWay also contributed towards building a toilet and flooring for the house. Needless to say, Selvi’s gentle smile and gratitude filled eyes said it all!

This short film is our attempt to thank Selvi and many more like her for their contribution to keep our cities and homes beautiful.

And, we celebrated our beautiful 10 year journey with Selvi and our children.

Join our celebrations by sharing this video among your friends and on your social media pages.

Lots of Love,

Sriram V Ayer,
Founder and CEO