art vandi

Follow along as we travel across villages of Tamil Nadu teaching painting, music, drama and dance to children!

Imagine art on wheels. A bright and colourful art truck, travelling through cities and rural areas, snaking through roads and lanes, along bumpy roads – creating a storm of art everywhere it goes…Its insides are filled with colours and chart papers, masks and music, screens and stages…carrying a magical world. Now imagine what happens when this magical creature stops by a village for a few days. Think of the celebration of life it heralds for everyone and especially young children. That’s what the Art Vandi is all about!

Volunteers are welcome to join us on this journey. We are also looking for donors to support the operational costs. Do you have any fun ideas for this project? Let us know! 

Would you like to help? Leave us with details and we’ll get back to you! 

Please specify your location and how you’d like to be involved.