Aravind is a curious individual with a passion for engaging with people and loves involving himself in various forms of social work. Entering the field soon after completing 12th grade, Aravind discovered his calling: listening to people and understanding their diverse experiences. With a keen interest in personal narratives, he pursued a Master of Arts in Social Work with a focus on Women-Centred Practice. Following his studies, he ventured into research and writing with an intersectional perspective.

As a student, Aravind worked in diverse environments, from rural communities where he explored issues related to gender, caste, and livelihood, to urban settings where he addressed settlement issues, substance abuse, and life skills programmes. Despite his extensive experience, he believes there is still much to learn and is on a quest to delve deeper into society to find answers to many unanswered questions. In his leisure time, you can often find him at a nearby tea stall, sipping a hot cup of tea while engaging in conversations about anything and everything. He also enjoys spending time with animals, especially dogs, who reciprocate his affection.