Devika is a specialist in Public Relations and Communications. She has a career which spans over 13 years, having worked with multinational organizations like KPMG, Ford, Yamaha, Polaris, TravelXP TV, and Concept Group to name a few, heading the verticals of Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Training and CSR. She is the Founder of Avesah, her Business and Life Coaching Practice and also a certified Psychotherapist with a steady clientele for Therapy and Coaching. As an enthusiastic Animal Rescuer and Animal Activist, she is associated with various Animal Welfare Trusts and NGOs and spends a lot of time taking care of community dogs. Devika is always full of life, beaming with a smile, very social in nature, and enjoys music, dance and travel. Occasionally she picks up a philosophical book on Buddhism and tries to implement what she reads. She loves learning languages (7 and counting), playing badminton and practising Yoga. Creative and motivated, she utilises exceptional planning skills to present companies in the best possible light.