Art Integration in Primary Schools

What can create an expansive experience for educators and learners? The answer to this question, we thought, was art. And that’s how this programme came to be – its primary intent being to offer educators more tools to create a joyful experience for little learners studying in Class 1-5. Through this programme, conventional classroom subjects receive a fresh lease of life.

In this programme, a number of art mediums are brought in to enable deeper learning as well as reduce absenteeism and dropout rates. Rooted in creative expression, this programme leads to livelier classrooms brimming with improved educational engagement, teacher-student connection and rate of learning. Since it was initiated in 2013, it has been introduced across more than 150 schools across Chennai, Coimbatore, Gurugram and Delhi.

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methods used for expression & learning

Through drawing, painting, constructing and inventing, children are able to assimilate and respond to and make sense of his/her experience of the world.

Since 2019 we have supported

  • 1100+ classrooms
  • 1000+ teachers
  • 40,000+ students
  • 3500+ student-made art projects
  • 20,000+ paint brushes bought
  • 32,000+ workbooks
  • 963 classrooms
  • 904 teachers
  • 28, 353 students
  • 3515 student-made art projects
  • 21, 781 paint brushes to be bought
  • 32,000 workbooks

Make a difference

Make a difference