The Team

At NalandaWay, method, magic, madness and motivation come together like the colours on a blank canvas. Like the pieces of a puzzle finding a way to fit along, our dynamic bunch of self-starters and soul-stirrers embrace their skills and humanness with uncanny delight and determination. Each one of us has made a difference to the way we ask the question, “How do we set an example for the world out there?” Unanimously, we’ve spoken to say, “By doing it together, by doing it for ourselves!”

Trust us when we say, there are no coincidences here – just a team that truly belongs together, through the rough rides and the fun finds.

Sriram V

Founder & CEO

Rajagopalan Venkatraman

Director – Partnerships

Sameen Almas

Director – Projects

Anil Srinivasan

Member – Advisory Board

Aishvarya Murali

Member – Advisory Board

Ramya Rajaraman


Shankar Vanavarayar

Member – Advisory Board


Member – Advisory Board

Naveen Mahesh

Member – Advisory Board

Patrick Madhusudan Mathews

Managing Trustee

Tanya Dutt