Shankar works in the Indian higher education ecosystem with an aspiration to enhance learner-centric approach, offer holistic inclusive education that empowers the youth of India, with high quality infrastructure, research and innovation and international collaboration. He is the President of Kumaraguru Institutions, an educational group in Coimbatore with over 7000 students and works with the vision to empower the youth. He is also the President of Suddha Sanmarga Nilayam Institutions in Tamilnadu with over 5000 students, dedicated to enhancing the lives of students from very humble backgrounds.

Shankar works with the youth of India to empower them to build a greater nation. As a National Chairman of CII’s Young Indians in 2011-2012, Shankar played a key role in various national projects of CII, India @75 and YI. He founded the Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator and the Forge Accelerator, with an aim to enhance and support the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. He has also established The Vanavarayar Foundation to protect, preserve, portray the heritage of the land and the agrarian community