Anil Srinivasan is an Indian pianist. Born in Chennai, India and educated at the University of Southern California and at Columbia University, New York, he is well known for his collaborative work with Western and Indian Classical musicians and singer. Equally known is his pioneering work in music education in South India. His one of most unique artistic voices to emerge from India. As a pianist who is forging a blended style of his own, he is at the forefront of a revolution in arts education as well. Rhapsody, the education mission he founded, reaches thousands of children across all demographics. His music reflects a blend of Western classical and Indian classical influences. His interpretations of popular music and jazz have also won him a dedicated following. As a changemaker, he is an Aspen Global Leader and involved in various community initiatives. As a columnist, he has carved a niche for himself as a man who connects music to some of the most important questions we face in the world today. He has received multiple awards