Dr. Garima Sharma, a developmental practitioner with more than a decade of eclectic work experience, has been continuously evolving and discovering new visions, roles and capacities. Having a doctoral degree in Human Development and Childhood Studies from the University of Delhi and a Diploma in Disaster Management, she is deeply passionate about understanding and researching on factors and conditions geared towards enhancing quality in education, promoting sustainable development and augmenting climate change and disaster risk resilience.

She has worked with organizations like UNDP, Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority, British Council, University of Winchester, Pratichi (India) Trust, and Sesame Workshop India; for creating and evaluating content for young learners, researching different components of the education systems, documenting best practices from institutions and systems working towards improving well-being and building resilience of children, adults and communities.

What drives her most, is her love for learning and creating spaces where each individual and every life form is valued and cared for. Apart from work, being a mother of a seven-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl keeps her hands full and heart ever so grateful.