Paramjeet Kaur embodies the spirit of leadership, efficiency, and human connection. As a Senior Manager with over 20 years of experience, she brings a wealth of expertise to every project, spanning project management, people and relationship building, communication, and business process improvement. Leading with a hands-on approach, Paramjeet thrives on problem-solving at all levels. Her talent for building rapport and fostering collaboration inspires teams to achieve peak performance, ensuring excellence becomes the norm.

Paramjeet’s experience extends beyond typical corporate walls. Having worked on development projects funded by the World Bank, HDFC CSR, and UNICEF, she brings a global perspective and deep understanding of social impact. But Paramjeet’s passions reach far beyond her professional achievements. She’s a culinary enthusiast, finding joy and creativity in the art of cooking. She’s a passionate traveler, immersing herself in new cultures and landscapes. And perhaps most importantly, she’s an attentive listener, always ready to lend a supportive ear.