Drawing on nearly a decade of journalism experience, Roshne Balasubramanian now applies her expertise beyond newsrooms to drive social impact through communication at NalandaWay.

Her work, which showcases diverse cultures and amplifies marginalised voices with empathy and objectivity, has garnered recognition in publications such as the New Indian Express and South First. 

Preferring the subtle influence of observation over the glare of the limelight, Roshne crafts narratives that resonate deeply, drawing on her insights and data. In addition to observation, she actively participates in social impact initiatives. Previously, she served as a fellow for the Greater Chennai Corporation’s ‘Citizens for Safe Mobility,’ spearheading grassroots change efforts. 

During her downtime, Roshne finds solace in exploring her city’s heritage, capturing untold stories through photography, collecting postcards, and immersing herself in podcasts.