Always with only one blazing question in her head, ‘Where do I start?’, Vidushi is a go-getter with untethered energy. Passionate about words, thoughts, emotions and everything human, she wants to contribute to a world where people can express themselves freely, and feel safe and supported. With a Master’s degree in Social Work in Mental Health from Tata Institute of Social Sciences – Mumbai, her areas of expertise include direct practice, crisis intervention, research, advocacy, training and designing.

She has years of experience in playing, dancing, learning and unlearning with kids, which is what defines her the best. Aiming to work with children who may have lived in difficult life situations or experienced abuse or trauma, she believes that they can create magic if we just watch closely, give them the power and take their input in order to help them. An art enthusiast and an educationalist continually developing insights through exposure to different communities and cultures. When she is not working, you will generally find her scribbling her new ideas somewhere or trying to get transported to another world through poetry